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Firstly, thanks for taking the time to peruse my library of compositions and please enjoy.

Secondly, all of my compositions (including listening samples and PDF scores/parts) are available right here on this site (head over to my (store) AND they are also located at my, a Sibelius peripheral hosting site for composers and arrangers. 


Thirdly, up until recently I only had the stock Sibelius 7 Sounds to use for demos. I mixed it as best as my little heart could, given the restraints of the on-board mixer in Sibelius, but let's just say, Sibelius 7 Sounds are pretty good, but still pale in comparison to higher-end digital instrument libraries or what many digital audio workstations (DAWs) provide nowadays. However, with my recent acquisition of PreSonus Studio One 4 Artist (soon-to-be Professional), I am resampling the MIDI from my compositions with better sound sets to help you, the end-user, realize, and believe in, the product I bring to the table.

Stay tuned for more projects to come!

I often use SoundCloud to post "in-progress" music I'm working on, check below for new projects!

Band Directors: I'm big fan of GIVING my music away to help schools save a couple of bucks and assist with the Music Education footprint. Please contact me!

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