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Hello. I have added a new section to my website; it is dedicated to all the equipment I use to compose and engineer music. The new page can be located here under the normal Information tab. Check it out.

I have been working steadily on the three pieces I currently have up on my website under the "Works in Progress" section. Each grows little by little. Completed versions of the pieces should be expected within the next few months hopefully. Here's the link again: Compositions.

Additionally, I am writing my own Pirate-themed piece for concert band (I know, I know, just like everyone else). I have to have my obligatory Pirate piece, c'mon! I actually wrote it many years ago, but I'm pretty much scrapping most of it and starting anew, with the same melodies from the previous version. Anywho, expect a rough draft of that to be up soon too.

Other than that, one of my friends and I from work are composing and arranging (mostly him though) original stuff for our ensemble, the Quantico Marine Corps Band for the Virginia International Tattoo in Norfolk, VA. It's been quite a thrill. I am definitely enjoying the challenge. Until next time...

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