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NAMM 2020

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

First blog post here on Wix, and what a way to start it off. I just got back from NAMM 2020. It was an absolute blast! I received excellent instruction from PreSonus audio engineers and designers, the NAMM Idea Center hosted music business classes including social media, marketing, and content classes, and was fortunate to see live performances from the likes of Earth, Wind, and Fire, Tower of Power, and other artists. I cannot wait until next year!

Special shoutout to PreSonus, these guys were the most cordial, nerdy, knowledgeable, and fun dudes to be around for the duration of NAMM. I look forward to maintaining and growing my relationship with this family.

The classes I attended were as follows:

  • 5-Step Mix Guide in Studio One

  • ATOM: Bridging the Gap in Modern Music Production

  • Drag & Drop in Studio One: Instantly Improve Your Workflow

  • Start-to-Finish Vocal Production in Studio One

  • Songwriting Dimensions in Studio One: Pattern Mode & Chord Track

  • Teaching Creative Production Workflows (sponsored by NAMM U)

  • Studio One: Producing a Track from Start to Finish

  • Studio One: Creative Workflows

  • StudioLive Series III: More Power on the Stage and in the Studio

Overall, NAMM was just as overwhelming the second time as it was my first time. Perhaps this feeling goes away, perhaps it does not. I hope it doesn’t, honestly. 

NAMM Idea Center also provided some good classes: - How to Create Effective Videos for Social Media with Jenn Herman - How to Expand Your Reach Via Podcasting with Bruce Wawrzyniak (Now Hear This Podcast) - Careers in Music with Jonathan Dely - 50 Songs You Should Write with Roy Elkins of - How to Build a Huge Following on Social Media with Dan Shinder of DrumTalkTV

It was an incredibly rewarding experience and it rejuvenates the life back into my musical well. On that note, I believe I have an idea for making the music I’ve already written more palpable to the industry, both through commercial AND scholastic mediums. Stay tuned to that - assuming it works, I will be glad to show the process.

Attending NAMM is a truly enlightening and humbling experience. Think about have these icons that have been around for decades and then you have these guys and gals that are just starting out. This is an assumption: they are probably flipping burgers or box-kickers or office go-fers...yet, they are also attending, and perhaps, even performing at NAMM. When internalizing those ideas, it makes me realize how much more I can give to my craft. How much more I can be as a composer, an audio engineer, a musician, and really, just being human. NAMM will be the annual mecca.


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