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Random turn of events...

I just so happens that as a random turn of events, I'm finding myself more and more on the performance side rather than the guy behind the scenes writing or producing music. Not that this is a bad thing at all, as I rarely get to play my saxophone much anymore. More to come on that.

I haven't been writing much lately mostly because I've been so busy with work. There's been a skeleton crew working, so I've been layering the tasks to complete by one person that would normally take 3-4. Awesome. So needless to say that last couple weeks have been pretty busy.

I'm going to be doing some just for fun recordings of some sax quartets with a buddy, Camp. I'll probably be playing bari and soprano (awesome combo, huh?) and he'll obviously do alto and tenor. I have a lot of things I want to do before I leave Albany, namely recording, because I will be severely downgraded when I head to Quantico.

Anywho, there is a piece I started working on about a month ago now. Eventually it'll be for an orchestra/wind band. More to come on that also.

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