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Some realizations.

It has been fun this last week having the Quantico Marine Corps Band Brass Quintet read down four of my compositions (another BIG shout out to them!) but I have made some realizations about my compositions: some work better as brass quintets and some work better as full concert band pieces. I further have decided to take down a couple of my concert band pieces because they sound incomplete, at least to me, and I'm no longer happy with them. Likewise, I've made a lot of good improvements to several of my pieces (most of which have been re-posted or will be in the week).

I figured it was foolhardy to become so used to writing a little everyday because now we have a concert coming up at work and I suddenly have found a lot of work to be done! Enter: Public Affairs, something I never thought I'd be doing (thanks AJ) AND getting some quality time with my sound board. Needless to say, I have to put some of my extra curriculars on the back burner...for now. 

Still aiming to get some brass band transcriptions ready to play in the near future (those are at least limited to a couple different keys!)

As always, if you like my music, please share with friends! Until next time, adieu. 

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