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Back to school. And more.

So in about a week, I'll find myself back in Norfolk for the Armed Forces/Navy School of Music for the third time. I'm excited, but it's starting to actually hit me at it is, in fact, happening. I had a nice flex time before it though. When I realized how quickly it was happening, I was very overwhelmed at first, but I've since had time to prepare, so I'm not going crazy right now. Next daunting task is packing up all my uniforms and all the clothing I'm going to need for a while (if I remember correctly, the laundry situation at the barracks on base are dire). I'll probably come back to Quantico with a whole new wardrobe because I just trashed the dirty clothes. Nah, I'm just kidding. I think. Anywho, it'll be good, minus that being away from my wife and baby, but luckily there will be weekends available as long as I don't have catching up to do from the week prior. We'll see how that goes.

So, to business. I renamed my piece "At the Edge of Rage & Glory" to "Between Rage & Glory." The original name just never sat well with me; I think mostly because most of the name is the same as a Lady Gaga song. I've updated all my websites and the score itself, to reflect. I'm 99% sure of that anyway.

I updated it on my Facebook page, but I also have added ReverbNation to my list of websites that I have to maintain (this number is getting preposterous). If only there was one website that did everything...AND for free.

I'm still tweaking my jazz band compositions so they can be posted on both my main website and Score Exchange, and I should have them up in the near future, though with pending challenges, that is kind of up in the air.

Here's another plug: if there are any colleges/high schools that would like to play FREE and ORIGINAL compositions, hit me up!

I've been attending these Guitar Center sponsored Avid Pro Tools 10 classes that are called "Recording Made Easy." The emphasis is on Apple products working seamlessly with Pro Tools. I've gone to two so far, and there are two more (10 am Saturday @ Guitar Centers across the country). I find them pretty informative. I had had a sour taste in my mouth from a previous version of Pro Tools, specially Pro Tools HD 8. It was absolutely deplorable. It was such a delicate balance with all the connections worked together that if there was just ONE issue, troubleshooting would easily become an hours-long task. Example:

This may not necessarily look that bad, but that was only one play where all the cables were going, there was also the Yamaha O2R96 digital mixer and a PC that could barely process what we needed it to. I wish I had more pictures. I've stepped up in the world and have since started using the PreSonus Studio Live 16.4.2 digital mixer and a MacBook Pro. THOUSANDS, nay, MILLIONS OF TIMES BETTER. One connection. That's it. Not that mess above. I can't wait to see what the future holds for recording technology.

I still have the idea in the back of my mind to have my own studio one day. It will happen. Oh, the many things I have learned operating studios for the Marine Corps.

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