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This is why I should update more frequently...

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

So here's what's been going on this last week:

- changed my website design to a brighter, more inviting layout. And the reflect my business cards as well.

- updated information on Facebook and the website splash page to give a more succinct impression of myself.

- registered with ASCAP as a composer AND publisher! Still waiting on verification of my composer name...(turns out MY name is pretty common. Yes, that was sarcastic; I used to be in a Facebook group called "Mike Newell"). However, my publishing company, Michael Andrew Newell Productions is a go! I'm hoping I can create a better name in the future though.

- started dissecting a couple of my concert band compositions by, with pen and paper. Haven't done that since...a couple months ago for Arranging class.

- registered a couple of my concert band works with the U.S. Copyright Office online. What a relief!

This is what I'm going to attempt to accomplish in the next week:

- get my social media talking better to each other, and instead of Facebook be the hub, perhaps LinkedIn, which would be ideal.

- get some more info on my info pages of my website...more background and such. This will also include more thorough write ups of my compositions.

- hopefully I'll be registering for college next week at Thomas Edison State College!

- finish a handful of of concert band scores and have them be the "final" edition (if there is such a thing).

- studying a couple works for my composition lesson in orchestration.

I feel really productive as of the last week or so because I haven't neglected my business or social media, but it's really just me catching up from 8 months of not touching anything having to do with my websites. It's all part of the illusion really. I just gotta keep the steam going, especially as I go back to work next week.


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