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ASCAP and other stuff.

Hello, all. In recent news, I'm now registered with the American Society of Composers, Artists, and Publishers (ASCAP) as a publisher under the name Michael Andrew Newell Productions. Now I'm awaiting ASCAP to approve my membership under the composer name Michael Andrew Newell. It's pretty original, I know, but at this point in the game, I might as well be known by my name and my music than anything else. On another note, I'm looking into doing my LLC paperwork in the near future to bring some continuity to my business.

I'm still getting back into the swing of things at work, but I am definitely making progress on revamping my compositions. I actually printed out the scores and took a red pen to five of my compositions just like I were grading myself. Especially with the knowledge I've gained from my friend and mentor, Ian Charleton. It is a slow process but my compositions will be better. My next task in orchestration is looking at Claude T. Smith's "Eternal Fath, Strong to Save" for wind ensemble. Definitely my assignment for leave.

I will be updating my website with the new content (media and documents) over the next week, so stay tuned for that. 

Until next time, adieu. 

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