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Hiatus: Done!

Greetings, everyone! I know it has been quite a while since I've updated ANYTHING on any of my social media, but alas, I am back. And I am renewed. As per my last post in September last year, I attended the Unit Leaders Course at the Navy School Of Music. I thought I'd be label to maintain my social media while I was here...boy, was I wrong. That being said, after a long 8-month course, my hiatus has ended. With my new, renewed, and rejuvenated grasp of music, I'm ready to dissect all of my work and get it out there for the masses.

Here are a couple things to expect in the next few months as I get my routine back on track:

- I've used the term 'revamp' for my  compositions and arrangements in the past, but NOW I will really be revamping because of knowledges gained from my time at school, and with Mr. Ian Charleton. 

- update all social media with new information about myself, my experiences, and helpful information for composers/arrangers. 

- more consistent updates to my blog, and perhaps an experiment with a video blog (or vlog, I guess).

- in looking at my social media sites, it all seems pretty sterile in appearance, so I will investigate a more exciting layout expense.

I'm sure I will think of more things that need fixing as I go, but look out for all the new stuff as it happens. And, as always, tell your friends about!

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