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So, here's the deal

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Training Classes.

I'm in the process of developing these training classes, and while doing my first video (which will probably never see the light of day), I think it was too much information. OR the other option is maybe I was too long winded, which is entirely a possibility. I could just make shorter videos and longer blog posts. My plan is to create a 3-in-1 system where I generate YouTube videos, podcast episodes, and longer more in-depth blog articles, which theoretically, I can complete all at once, with my blog post serving as an outline, where some topics will be scripted out, and other topics will be more off-the-cuff. I've actually looking forward to doing this for a while, but now I feel confident enough to produce new (to me!) content! Unfortunately, all I have is an iPhone 6, so the video quality will only be so good.


I need a hip name for my standalone podcast. I'm thinking something along the lines of music business philosophy, because that's all inclusive of things I would want to talk about, including the obvious topics like music production, business concepts, social media, and my own personal plans, inspirations, apirations, and core beliefs, BUUUUT it can also be discussions about leadership, personnel and project management, college, personal and professional development, life, family...pretty much anything is on the table. I will be going through this hosting service called; it's free and will distribute to the normal streaming platforms, which works out really nicely now that I actually have artist pages on these platforms.

New Album: Divergence.

I also just released my first album, which you all can (and should!) check out through my website or just check out the major music streaming platforms and search "Michael Andrew Newell" and my album should pop right up. I'm going to be creating a video about my process, including all aspects of the creation (even graphic design). I always found videos like that quite informative because there's SO MUCH information out there, but because there's SO MUCH information out there it was hard to get a straight answer. And disclaimer: I'm not insinuating that my way is the best way, it was the way I found from all the different input and research I've done regarding this topic. Take what you need OR maybe you, the reader, knows a better way. In which case, hey, let me know!

Website Branding / New Logo.

So, back in January - February timeframe, I decided to make the switch to for my website, which has been active in this format for a while. However, the logo I designed for my "brand" (through, was supposed to be a temporary now, 6 months later, it has served it's purpose, but I decided to change my logo in tandem with the launch of my album. I really like it, mostly because it incorporates my "initial signature" that I've been using since...probably middle school when I used to draw comic book art, and it was very much "in the style of" that era. I love this because I it is truly MINE. And then I included some sweet clipart headphones in the background. The cool thing is that the headphone background can be any color and they look good; I think the default color will be blue. Now that the new logo is in play, I need to make sure all of my satellite social media, portfolios, and business accounts reflect the change, which is going to be a logistical process in itself, but that's ok. Cost of doing business. In case you haven't seen it, here it is:


Over the last 6 months or so during the pandemic, the demand for online presence has skyrocketed. So at work, we've definitely pushed into new territory with our "music videos." It definitely hasn't exploded, but it has been way more consistent then our fellow military musicians. I know, I know, it's not a matter of competition, because we ALL are on the same team, regardless of service, BUUUT maybe we can all up our games and keep us relevant. Either way, we as the production crew, we already pretty good at personnel, project, and task management, but we've definitely expanded our knowledge base for the entire operation. Much growth has been had as leaders, managers, and music producers.

Additional work comment: I was selected for Gunnery Sergeant. It's pretty neat.


In a recent conversation with one of my best friends, we talked about systems. Meaning, having processes and checks and balances in place to "keep you on task" with your various routines, be it physical fitness plans, social media plans, content creation plans, or even intential break plans. Maintaining a schedule, maintaining discipline, maintaining productivity. This includes getting up early and attacking the plan of the day based (because you've already done the work putting your systems/plans in place previously). This has been super helpful for me having to juggle work stuff, family stuff, personal music production stuff, and other logistical or administrative stuff I need to get done.


I applied for Executive Master of Business of Administration (EMBA) through Initially I applied for the [legitimately] Free MBA, but the school deemed me "overqualified," as the Free MBA is focused on more entry-level professionals, the EMBA is focused on mid- to upper-level management. As part of the application process, Quantic judges your level of completion of the "Business Foundations" prerequisite coursework. I really enjoyed diving back into academic learning - especially at Quantic - they definitely took a fresh approach with how information is broken down and disseminated to you as the student. There are math equations and formulas I never even had a chance of understanding in high school, but now, 15 or so years later, they actually make sense. I do hope I get the opportunity to be a part of this program.

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